Welcome to the Enlightened Health Academy

Daniella Saunders

Hi, I'm Daniella


I'm a holistic health consultant who can help you to reduce stress and illness,

develop self-awareness, and improve your well-being.


I also have an interest in Eastern and Western philosophy - so I can help you to explore the deepest nature of your mind,

and the relationship between spirituality and health.

Do you want to learn more about holistic health and well-being?

Every aspect of your life influences your well-being...

This might sound like an obvious statement, but have you ever really stopped to think about the real impact that all of your daily experiences have on your health?

Think for a moment about the things that you do each day. Consider the way that you think, how you perceive the world around you, your habits and choices, the way you react to situations and people in your life, even the sub-conscious beliefs that you may not even realise exist.

Holistic health is all about exactly what the term implies- it is based on wholeness.

Think about it for a moment... No aspect of who you are as a person is ever really separate from any other part of you. Your mind and body do not work independently from each other. Your health can never really be separated from the influence of the environment in which you live.  Nor from the experiences which you encounter in life.


A holistic approach to wellness takes all aspects of your experience into consideration. Here are just a few things that influence your well-being everyday:


The tension between what is happening in your life, and your ability to navigate through it with ease is a key component of health. When the demands placed on you consistently outweigh your ability to cope, then your well-being can deteriorate.


Your thoughts, beliefs, identity, mental patterns, perception of life. Do you know where your thoughts come from? What they are? Pause for a moment, and ask yourself how can you possibly control something if you do not know what it is?


Do you really have complete control over your emotions? Can you thrive in any circumstances? Why do you still feel strong or overwhelming emotions even when you are telling your mind to act differently?


We live most of our life on autopilot.  Maybe you have tried to change something in your life, only to be unsuccessful. Perhaps you want to be more assertive? Improve your relationships? Or find a new job? Something is stopping you , and you aren't sure what it is. Maybe it's time to explore a little deeper...


A similar pattern often plays out in the choices that we make. We know that cream bun is not good for us, but we eat it anyway. We know we should do more exercise, but can't seem to find the energy. Our mental conditioning often surpasses our desires...


Ideally, we would all be able to thrive and flow through live with grace and ease. But when we look around we realise that this rarely happens - life is often busy and overwhelming.  When we don't give ourselves time to repair stress or damage, then it places a strain on our health.


An often omitted component of health, spirituality is closely related with well-being.  Not only because of the health benefits associated with spiritual practice, experience, or belief, but also because existential wisdom can help in overcoming real adversity in life.


The Enlightened Health Academy can help you to reduce stress-related illness, develop self-awareness, heal your mind and body, and embark on your own spiritual journey through well-being...

Support for healing

Mind-Body Health

Here are some of the things which we explore:

  • Practices to help you master your mind and emotions
  • How to use natural therapies at home for reducing stress-related symptoms
  • Integrating mindfulness and meditation into your life
  • Understanding the link between high empathy, exhaustion or illness
  • How to improve your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health

Support for transformation

Developing Wisdom

Topics relating to personal growth:

  • Developing skills to improve your well-being, life, and relationships
  • How to overcome fear so you can reach your highest potential
  • How to let go of your conditioning, and find emotional freedom
  • Understanding the nature of mind, consciousness and personal experience
  • How to develop real spiritual awakening or self-realization

Here are some of the things I can help you with:

Living with chronic health conditions

For many years, I have run my own clinics for management of chronic health conditions within the NHS.  Now, as a private health coach, and a specialist in stress-related conditions, I can help you with:

  • Reducing stress, chronic pain or fatigue, high sensitivity, and emotional burnout
  • Exploring the relationship between chronic stress and illness - and making changes in your own life
  • Using simple therapies and mind-based practices to reduce stress-related symptoms
  • Reducing the impact of chronic illness on your relationships, work and finances, self-esteem, and life purpose

Mind-body healing

As a trained holistic therapist, and specialist in the mind-body connection,  I can also teach you how to use a holistic approach to well-being in your life...

  • Learn how to use simple therapies at home to relieve stress-related symptoms, like pain, fatigue, or insomnia
  • Reduce your levels of stress through developing self awareness, and mastering your mind and emotions
  • Explore the interaction between mind, body, emotions, and energy-based therapies
  • Use practical tools and techniques to improve the well-being of your mind, body and soul

Changing habits and behaviours

Learning new skills can help to increase your resilience and make you more able to deal with difficult situations which you encounter in life.  I can help you with:

  • Making long-term lifestyle changes - improving diet, stopping compulsive habits, increasing exercise, or restoring work-life balance
  • Recognising, and changing, sub-conscious beliefs and barriers to your personal growth
  • Improving your relationships with partner, family, friends and colleagues
  • Reaching your personal goals and aligning with your life purpose

Developing self-realization

Any serious path of personal growth will eventually lead you to existential questions about life.  Spirituality is an important component of wellness - especially if you have experienced adversity or serious illness in your life.  My studies in philosophy, spirituality and health mean that I have the experience to help you to find the answers you are seeking...

  • I can help you to master your mind - discover the nature of thoughts, memory, experience, and how they relate to wellness
  • To help you stop stress through a process of developing wisdom and helping you to navigate life with ease
  • To explore the relationships between spirituality, religion, science, health and well-being
  • Or to discover real spiritual awakening, self-realization and to understand the nature of life.

Some of the things I can help you with in my

one-to-one support programmes:

Health & Well-Being

Holistic health programme:

Master your mind and emotions

Learn how to natural therapies at home

Make health-related changes in your life

One-to_one Consultations
Chronic Fatigue & Burnout

Specialist support:

Personalised plan for reducing chronic fatigue

Learn practical ways to deal with compassion burnout

Practical guidance for improving your energy levels

Personal & Spiritual Development

Comprehensive guidance:

Developing self-awareness and insight

Aligning with your highest potential

Spiritual awakening and exploring the nature of life

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