Do You Have A Sugar Addiction?

Do You Have a Sugar Addiction?

Do you crave sweet and sugary treats? Do you like to treat yourself to a chocolate bar more regularly than you would like to admit to others? If so, you may have an addiction to sugar.

Sugar addiction is a very real problem in our society.  In this fast paced world, many of us resort to food-on-the-go to save our valuable time and energy. We grab a chocolate bar or sugary treat because we need a quick burst of energy.

Or we eat processed foods because it's so much quicker and easier than cooking from scratch - not realising that it may be full of added sugars.

We might not even realise that we are eating so much sugar.  Or we might convince ourselves that it's not really a problem because we prefer to stay in a state of denial. But if you are reading this, then you are probably ready to take a few moments and check your own relationship with sugar addiction.  Let's begin...

Ask yourself if any of these apply to you?


You find it difficult to say ‘no’ to sweets and desserts.


You experience cravings when you try to cut back on your sugar intake.


You think about sugary foods often throughout each day.


When you start to eat sweets or sugary foods, it is difficult to stop.


You get a rush of energy after eating sweets, but are hungry again pretty quickly.


You often feel guilt or shame after eating sugary items.


You reward yourself with sugary food or drinks.


You overeat sugary foods when you are stressed.


You have memories of feeling loved or cared for that are connected to sweets.


You can’t seem to get enough sugar when you start eating sweets, but crave more.


If you checked three or more of these, you may have a problem with sugar. Your emotional responses to the statements are more important than the actual number.  If you have a strong reaction, then you are more likely to have a sugar addiction.

If you want some support changing your emotional reaction and habitual behaviours around sugar, I can help you.

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