Daniella Saunders, MA, BA (Hons), RGN

Founder of Enlightened Health Academy

Daniella Saunders


Here's a little bit of information about me, so that we can get to know whether we are on the same page...

First, of all, hello... I'm Daniella, the founder of Enlightened Health Academy. I have created this site for soul-centred people who want to improve their health and well-being.

The EHA is for people who are interested in exploring the nature of human experience. Who want to understand the nature of the mind, and it's impact on their life and health.  It's for people who are on a path of awakening.  Who want to explore their spiritual growth on a deeper level, whilst simultaneously improving their well-being.

Basically, I take people on a journey from stress, burnout, exhaustion and illness... to a place of wisdom, connection, inner peace and awakened living.

So, first of all, what do I mean by soul-centred? After all, it's a phrase that can mean lots of different things to different people...

I use the term to mean people who value kindness, compassion, and connection. I don't mean soul-centred in terms of any particular religion or spiritual practices, but more of an inclination to want to be the best version of yourself, so that you can share your gifts with the world, whilst simultaneously exploring your own spiritual journey.

This is ultimately a path of self-realization - of knowing who you are on an existential level.  One significant effect of going through this process is that you also improve the well-being of all areas in your life.  Including your health, relationships, self-confidence, and aligning with more meaning and purpose.  This is a natural effect of becoming less at odds with life, and more aligned with your deepest nature.

If this sounds like it's something which is if interest to you, then read on....

Health as a Journey of Self-Realization

Approaches to health

I'm also a holistic health consultant in the truest sense - I help people with the well-being of their mind, body, and soul.  My health training includes exploring wellness several different angles - including mainstream, natural health, plus philosophical, and spiritual perspectives.

Over the years, I have come to focus on the interaction of wisdom and well-being. I have a particular interest in the relationship between mind, spirituality and health, and how overcoming adversity can facilitate a process of spiritual awakening.


My own journey

My interest in holistic health really progressed around the same time that I developed problems with chronic pain and fatigue.  My health problems developed following a period of intense stress, when I was having to deal with ongoing, difficult external circumstances in my life.

I had already been working in mainstream healthcare for a long time at that point. I had completed a lot of training in health and chronic illness management.  But being so unwell made me very aware of the tremendous gap between the well-meaning advice which is usually given to people who have chronic illness, and the lived experience of being ill.

There came a point when I suddenly developed real insight into my situation. I saw clearly that what I was being told did not fit with my own experience. In that moment, I realised that until I began to take more responsibility for my own experience, and listen to my own intuitive knowing, that I would be stuck in this cycle of pain and illness for the rest of my life.

That moment was many years ago now, and since then, I have made a full recovery. In fact, I am not only healthier, but my experiences were also the catalyst for my own insights into the nature of life.


A spiritual perspective

I found that this journey - from stress and illness, to health and wisdom - naturally evolves into an ever-deeper investigation into the nature of life, how we are affected by our experiences, and what we can do to remain centred, when we are in the eye of an ever-changing storm.

As a result, I now see well-being now from a much deeper perspective - in all it's complexity, rather than from a simplistic materialist viewpoint.

So, now I do this work because I want to help other people who are struggling to fit into a system of healthcare which is not always coherent with your own experience of life.  So that we can all reach our highest state of health, fulfil our purpose, and live a life of awakened well-being.

My Academic Background


Knowledge is not the same as wisdom.

I'm a lifelong learner... I think that we are all here to learn, develop and grow as individuals.  But I have come to discover that real learning is not just the acquisition of knowledge, but the ability to question what we have learnt, and then to let go of what is not helpful, or which does not align with our own experience.

But for anyone who is interested in academic achievements, here's a quick summary of some of the qualifications that I have completed over the years...

Holistic Well-Being

FD (Sc) - Complementary therapies: Studying holistic wellness, the relationship between spirituality and health, healing therapies, the mind-body connection, and holistic health

Including: nutrition, exercise, anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, psychology

Professional qualifications in several therapies, including therapeutic and remedial massage, aromatherapy, nutrition, reiki, reflexology, and acupressure

Health & Chronic Illness

Qualified registered nurse: with post graduate diplomas in stress & chronic illness management, behaviour change, including psychology, pain control, asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular health

Chrysalis Effect Practitioner: specialist coaching for recovery from chronic pain & exhaustive conditions, including CFS/ME & fibromyalgia

ILM Accredited Well-Being Coach: lifestyle coaching for health-related issues including diet, healthy habits, stress, relationships, emotional health

Wisdom & Spirituality

MA (Phil) - Eastern & Western Philosophy: studying metaphysics, philosophy of mind, spirituality & religion, and health & well-being

Dissertation - Perspectives on trauma, mental illness, and spiritual experience

BA (Hons) - Philosophy, Spirituality & Health: mind and body, spirituality and religion, scientific theory, rationality, approaches to health, morality and ethics

Scope of Practice

How I can help you

Here's a quick guide to the things that I am qualified, experienced, and insured to help you with...

Health & Well-Being

Chronic fatigue conditions

Stress management

Nutritional guidance

Work/life balance

Health & well-being

Smoking cessation

Exercise guidance

Bereavement coaching

Career & financial health

Relationship coaching

Holistic Health

Therapies for symptom control:

Back and muscular pain

Joint pain and muscular injuries

Fibromyalgia pain relief

Stress and anxiety reduction

Meridians and energy balance

Diet and nutrition

Mindfulness practices

Acupressure for health

Mind-body connection



Philosophy of mind

Spiritual experience

Trauma and mental health


Spirituality and religion

Ethics and morals

Science and rationality

Cultural beliefs

Health and well-being

Professional Organisations

Insurance and Other Information

Enlightened Health Academy

What we learn about in the Academy

Here are the main subjects that you can explore as a member of the Enlightened Health Academy...

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