Daniella Saunders, MA (Phil), BA (Hons), RGN

Founder of Enlightened Health Academy

Daniella Saunders

Approach to Health

I have been helping people to improve their health and well-being for over thirty years now. It's something that I love to do - if I can help one person feel better, be less stressed, and experience a better life, then I think that is a good use of my time.

My interest in holistic health really progressed around the same time that I developed chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, following a prolonged period of intense stress. I had already been working in mainstream healthcare for a long time at that point.  But being so unwell made me very aware of the tremendous gap between the well-meaning advice which is usually given to people who have chronic illness, and the lived experience of being ill.  This was many years ago now, and since then, I have made a full recovery. But it  propelled me onto a path of developing deeper insights into the nature of healing, the mind-connection, and lived experience.

Once I started on this path, I found that it naturally evolves into an ever-deeper investigation about the nature of life, how we are affected by our experiences, and what we can do to remain centred, when we are in the eye of an ever-changing storm.  I see well-being now from a much deeper perspective - in all it's complexity, rather than from a simplistic materialist viewpoint.

So, now I do this work because I want to help other people who are struggling to fit into a system of health which is not coherent with their own experience of life.  So that we can all reach our highest state of health, and live a life of real wisdom and well-being.

Values and Beliefs

Compassion & Kindness

Wisdom & Insight

Health & Well-being

Freedom & Honesty

Spirituality & Connection

Each person makes a valuable contribution to the world

You hold the power for change within yourself

Everyone has the potential for self realization

Love is the most powerful force in the universe

We are all connected at the deepest level of existence

Main Qualifications

Holistic Well-Being

FD (Sc) - Complementary therapies: Studying holistic wellness, the relationship between spirituality and health, healing therapies, the mind-body connection, and holistic health

Including: nutrition, exercise, anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, psychology

Professional qualifications in several therapies, including therapeutic and remedial massage, aromatherapy, nutrition, reiki, reflexology, and acupressure

Health & Chronic Illness

Qualified registered nurse: with post graduate diplomas in stress & chronic illness management, behaviour change, including psychology, pain control, asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular health

Chrysalis Effect Practitioner: specialist coaching for recovery from chronic pain & exhaustive conditions, including CFS/ME & fibromyalgia

ILM Accredited Well-Being Coach: lifestyle coaching for health-related issues including diet, healthy habits, stress, relationships, emotional health

Wisdom & Spirituality

MA (Phil) - Eastern & Western Philosophy: studying metaphysics, philosophy of mind, spirituality & religion, and health & well-being

Dissertation - Perspectives on trauma, mental illness, and spiritual experience

BA (Hons) - Philosophy, Spirituality & Health: Studying mind and body, spirituality & religion, scientific theory, rationality, and ethics

Scope of Practice

Health & Well-Being

Chronic fatigue conditions

Stress management

Nutritional guidance

Work/life balance

Health & well-being

Smoking cessation

Exercise guidance

Bereavement coaching

Career & financial health

Relationship coaching

Holistic Health

Therapies for symptom control:

Back and muscular pain

Joint pain and muscular injuries

Fibromyalgia pain relief

Stress and anxiety reduction

Meridians and energy balance

Diet and nutrition

Mindfulness practices

Acupressure for health

Mind-body connection



Philosophy of mind

Spiritual experience

Trauma and mental health


Spirituality and religion

Ethics and morals

Science and rationality

Cultural beliefs

Health and well-being

Professional Organisations


Hiscox insurance

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